Oklahoma hills, photo by Kate Hess

When the world began, there was Love.

Think of all the creation stories you’ve ever heard. In each there is Love, shown as two beings sharing love, or as one being extending Love into the Universe. We are created with love and we create with love.

What about, you might say with cleverness, those creations that seem to come from darkness, from pain, from violence? Even these are created from love. Perhaps a love that is buried so deeply beneath pain that that in order to create, it must rise up, pushing the pain out before it like a boil that must be lanced. Perhaps love has been kept in a place so dark, love needs to find a way to bring in light, in order to dispel that darkness and take away its power.

When the world began, there was Love. There was Love because without it creation is not possible. When the world began, birds flew out of the darkness, their wings sweeping it away so that light had a space to shine. As they flew the birds dove and rose, picking up colors on their wings and distributing it throughout the world, wherever it was needed. These great birds, once darker than night, now looked like moving rainbows, with colors flowing from their wings, falling here and there, alighting and spreading and saturating. And still the birds flew. Now they rose up into the sky, flapping their wings with such force that winds were born and with them clouds that held rain and snow, blowing shadows across the surface of a land just emerging, with features that would be called valley, hill, mountain, desert, prairie, steppe. And where green now emerged from the surface water had touched it and brought it to life.

Life emerges where conditions can support it. Whether harsh or gentle, life would not emerge where it cannot be supported. The love of our own creation, of ourselves as creations living in the world, is implanted at the very center of our beings, there always. Even if we imagine we are not lovable, not worthy of love, not capable of love, still this love is here within each of us.

“Effortless means simply that you abandon the resistance to what Love requires in each moment.” -The Way of Mastery